10K for $10K!

One of the coolest, most rewarding things we do at BRIDGES is to legally reunite families. We have reunited 8 families and now have the chance to help more RIGHT NOW!

Can you imagine what it feels like to be involuntarily separated from your loved ones for an unknown period of time, rarely knowing when, or even if, you will see them again?

Now imagine what it would be like to be back in their presence and how much joy you would feel. Indescribable!

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We have TWO families that need to be reunited desperately. Both families have similar situations. Parent(s) here in the USA and at least one child stuck back in Africa in two dangerous countries: Cameroon and Central African Republic. (Click the links to learn more of the current situation there.)

Any of you who know me even a little know that I’m not one to sit around and hope that everything will magically work out. I have always worked for the desired outcomes. It hasn’t always been pretty BUT it has always worked.

We’ve had some support so far BUT we are far short of the funds necessary to help these two families that want nothing more than to simply be with their loved ones. Something we ALL take for granted most days.

So, Monday I’m going to run a 10K race here in Salt Lake City to raise $10K to help these families and others that I know are out there and will need our assistance.

Will you please support these families?

It is a lonely world when you don’t have your family. The heartache one must feel knowing their child is stranded back in Africa in an often very scary and tumultuous environment is unthinkable to many of us.


Visas have been issued. Fees have been made. Medical exams passed.  All they lack is the funds to pay for the one-way airfare. It is critical to note that these families are here LEGALLY!! No shortcuts! Just plenty of money and heartache spent to get this far! Let’s get them over the finish line!

Support however you like. Every bit helps!

  1. Click this link to make your donation online immediately (preferred)

  2. Email me at adam@bridgestoamerica.org with your pledge if/when I finish the 10k Monday (I will finish by the way!) and I will send you an invoice to make your donation.
  3. Mail a tax-deductible check made payable to Bridges To America, Inc. to: 1790 S West Temple, B 301, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Stay tuned to how I do in the race and more importantly to how WE do in helping these families achieve their most fundamental desire: BE REUNITED WITH THEIR LOVED ONES.

Let’s do this!

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