We don’t accept just anyone into our program. We only work with the most committed, bold people willing to make a significant investment in their career and their life to achieve even more significant results.

Accordingly we require all participants to follow our rigorous application process. Here is an overview of that process:

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1.  Provide your basic contact information on our invitation page.

2.  Make a non-refundable payment of $5 to cover the invitation costs and register for our payment process. Once we receive your basic contact information we will send you an invoice to be paid via PayPal.


3.  Once your invitation payment and contact information have been verified we will send you a detailed brochure describing the training program. You should review this information carefully and determine if this program is right for you. If you decide to apply, then send an email to to request your application. You will then receive a password to access our secure application form online as well as an invoice for $300 to be paid prior to completing the application online.

4.  As soon as your application form is received our staff will review it with Mr. Miles and advise whether you are accepted into the program or not.


5.  If you are accepted the registration process then begins including the second and final payment of the $1,200 non-refundable registration fee which secures your spot.

6.  After you successfully receive your US visa from the US State Department, our team will work with you to finalize the customized preparations for your training session.


Please note that we expect high demand for each training session but can only accept 10 individuals per session. Therefore, your position is not guaranteed until your application has been accepted and your $300 application fee has been paid. 

If we cannot accommodate your desired training session we will put you on a waiting list and advise if a spot opens up in the future. Also, please note that even though the fees are non-refundable we WANT you to go through our training and will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you in our future sessions to ensure you receive the highest return on your investment in yourself.

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