This morning, two hours before I needed to leave for the airport for yet another trip to Nigeria, I decided to go for a run. I didn’t have much time but at least wanted to stretch my legs before cramming them into a flying tin can for 15 hours.

I decided to run to a bridge on the trail one mile from our house. When I started out it was raining and cold. Before I knew it the wind was blowing hard in my face and the rain turned to hail. First thought was “turn around and head back!” After all it was just a short run and I had to catch a flight soon. Almost as quickly as the rain had turned to hail the image of the bridge I was running to entered my mind and I knew I couldn’t turn back. This was my goal and I knew, despite the hail, that giving up would feel worse than the hail in my face. (Thankfully the hail didn’t last too long.)

Things with our project in Africa have been HARD! Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. BUT the impact of what we are doing is so real that, just like this morning, I can’t turn back.

What are you running to? If it’s not something that truly speaks to your soul and your heart you will likely turn back when the rain turns to hail, or you may not ever even leave the house.

Set your goal and move. Life is too short…

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