This Program is based on 25 years of professional experience and the lifetime work of our founder. Availability is strictly limited due to the ongoing rigorous schedule of Mr. Miles. Accordingly, the costs to attend the program are aligned with its high quality and low availability.

Currently the cost of the training for African Immigrants is $995 USD. This cost includes training, materials, and amazing adventure activities designed to enhance the acquisition and application of the principles. There will be a maximum of 10 attendees per training session, or only 40 annually, so early registration is highly recommended.

We do expect high demand for this training so prices will very likely increase soon. You can secure your spot at any upcoming session by paying the non-refundable Application Fee of $300 and completing the application.

The fee is payable in two portions:

1.  Application Fee of $300

If you decide to apply for a training session then you will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $300. This covers the costs of processing your application paperwork and personal information and securing your position in the program.  Upon approval you will then be invited to complete the most critical phase of the process: Registration.

2.  Registration Fee of $695

To begin this phase you are required to make the final, non-refundable payment of $695. At this stage we secure the activities, transportation and food arrangements for you in your training session. Once the fee is paid we also provide airline and hotel information with discounts that will help you make the most cost-effective travel arrangements for your trip.

You will also be required to complete the online registration process. 

Click here for the details of the entire application process.

Visit this page to start the application process. There is a nominal fee of $5 to apply. This covers our cost to process your invitation and ensures you are set up in our payment system for the rest of the application and registration process.

How do I make payment?