Blind Spot?

I do something that most would think is a little quirky…and it probably is but I’m kind of proud of it.

When I go to my “day job” and park my car in the “big city” I can pay $2/hour to park on the street on the same block as my building OR I can park at the mall parking garage 3 blocks away and get two hours free. (Obviously with those prices I’m not working in San Francisco anymore 😉

Or I can walk 3 blocks every two hours to the garage, exit for free, drive 1/4 block and enter again to reset the 2 free hours clock.

The math works like this: $2/hour for an 8 hour day =  $16/day x 5 = $80/week = about $320/month just to park my car! 

I see the benefits as follows:

  • Save ~$300/month. Duh!
  • Regular break from the stress of the day job to clear my head and get some extra exercise
  • Built-in discipline to finish office tasks within a set time and beat the 2 hour clock

SF Skyline copy small

This is really a no brainer!

I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I’ve got my little parking spot near the elevators all picked out and I was feeling pretty proud of myself…until TODAY!

For whatever reason yesterday I noticed that there is actually an elevator closer to the street. This means that I can save even more time by parking near that elevator. What is embarrassing is that this elevator is literally 5 feet from the parking pay station that I ALWAYS use and then walk further to my normal parking spot. I never noticed it until yesterday. Yikes!

So what? Not a big deal, right? Who cares about my parking situation?

Well, in the middle of my routine and my satisfaction at how clever I was to create it I became complacent but I learned a couple of things that you might find helpful.

  • Routines are fine but don’t get lazy.
  • Stay aware of what you are doing and try to remember there’s always a better way to do something. We all have blind spots and if we aren’t aware of them we will miss something.
  • Don’t be arrogant. Whenever I hear that little voice in my head telling me “You’re so smart!” what he really is saying is “You’re not that smart. Stay humble.”

May you continually find a place to park your car for cheap and may we stay ever humble and aware that there is ALWAYS a better way to live our lives even in the mundane things like parking. Watch your blind spots!

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