The purpose of this Executive Training is to engage future and current leaders of Nigeria to help them become their best.

Unique features and benefits of this Training:

  • Provide Nigerian business people with professional training in an intense and inspiring environment to help them plan and achieve personal and professional success otherwise unachievable.
  • Expose attendees to people, activities, and ideas unavailable in Nigeria that will catalyze significant growth now and into the future.
  • Introduce attendees to people and institutions that could provide life-long insights and resources to help them in their professional pursuits.
  • Challenge attendees to conceptualize and pursue their road of greatest satisfaction and achievement with engaging activities available in the Rocky Mountains of the USA.
  • Arrange optional travel opportunities within the USA to destinations representing some of the best cities in America.
  • Engage attendees long after the training to ensure the time, money, and energy spent in training yield dividends for years to come.

What else should I know?