Trapped? Look up!

Still in the middle of the most challenging year or two of my life and this week was exceptionally tough. Like “fetal position and tears” tough.

  • Scrambling to manage a major crisis with our refugee benefit concert¬†caused by someone else;
  • Finalizing my divorce with the woman I was married to for 25 years;
  • Struggling financially through the slow summer months on Wall Street.

I’ve heard that “crises build character.”

I’ve also heard it said that “crises reveal character.”

After going through these brutally tough times I believe that crises actually do BOTH.

I consider myself to be someone who embraces the opportunities to do hard things and have generally (not always!) made the most of of my life by not shrinking from these “opportunities.” In that respect, my character has been revealed, if not totally exposed!, these past months BUT I’ve come to see that character, our inner strength, who we are down deep, can ALWAYS be built into something stronger.

skyward view of high rise apartments VERY COOL PIC

Unless we feel trapped, stifled, suffocated, desperate, etc. we may never know just how strong we can become. It sucks! It’s an almost visceral pain that has caused a pain so deep I literally felt sick and wondered what was the point of carrying on.

But this week I found a moment of peace and light in the middle of so much deafening noise and suffocating darkness that changed it all. I looked UP and found what I was looking for. A solution. A strength I almost forgot or maybe didn’t believe was ever there. It doesn’t matter what the answer was. What matters is that I found the strength to look UP and I was OK.

So, my life is not suddenly perfect (Psst–there’s no such thing!) and my problems are not magically solved. But things are looking UP.

And as long as I remember to keep looking UP I believe things will get better and my growth will continue.  And so will yours!

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