US Visa

In order to come to Utah for the training you are required to obtain your travel visa from the US State Department. The State Department has an excellent website which provides all of the information you need to apply for your visa. This is the main page:

You will need to apply for a nonimmigrant visa. Specifically, you will apply for a B-1/B-2 visa. This is the page to start the application process:

Please note that this part of the registration process is out of our hands. The State Department has full authority over whether you are allowed into the USA or not but we are confident that if you carefully follow the instructions on their website you will be granted permission to enter.

After you have paid the non-refundable Registration Fee for your training and secured your spot we will issue you a personalized letter of invitation to attend your training session. This will be helpful in obtaining your visa.

Further, due to Mr. Miles’ humanitarian work and extensive network of influencers we have made special arrangements to obtain a Letter of Support from a senior Utah Senator. 

Both letters combined are not a guarantee of visa approval but we have found this special care has proven effective in previous visa applications.

It seems that the most clear factor in determining whether or not your visa is issued is your ability to convince the Consular officer that 1) the trip is essential and 2) that you have sufficient ties (business, family, school, etc.) to Nigeria and therefore reason to honor your temporary visa and promptly return to Nigeria once the session is over.

Once your visa is obtained you will notify us by sending a copy of the visa and your passport. We can then begin the final preparations for your visit.

We are excited to see you move forward to this very important phase.

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