This company is intentionally called Bridges To YOUR Best. Not “Bridges to THE Best.” Or “Bridges to Better Than That Guy’s best.” It’s about pushing people, (selfishly starting with me) to reach higher and achieve more and, thereby, live more meaningful, happy lives.


The basic premise is this:

  • We all CAN be better.
  • We all SHOULD be better.

You may disagree with the latter statement but as long as you are human there’s no arguing with the former. That’s because fallibility and imperfection are what make us human and, therefore, capable of being better…always.

Yesterday I ran my first half marathon race in about two years. My best time ever 5 years ago was 2:03 and I have wanted to beat that time ever since I set it. Being that close to a nice round number told me mentally that I could do better. I knew I could! And I, like you I’m sure, couldn’t stand around and accept that somehow that time of 2:03 was MY best. With just a little more effort couldn’t I improve? Couldn’t I get closer to my best?

Well, yesterday I beat that time. (See my results below.Chip time is what matters.)


As I ran down one of the most scenic roads I’ve ever been down with thousands of my fellow runners, I found myself from time to time thinking “I can beat that guy” or “I can’t let her beat me.” Mostly arrogant, maybe normal, thoughts as I tried to control my speed and save something for the last 3 miles when the course would flatten out.

But what I learned was the wisdom of naming the company Bridges To YOUR Best. Did it really matter if I beat anyone else on the course? The reality is I didn’t know when exactly any of these people started the race-their “chip time” or whether I would pass them at the end. It simply didn’t matter and a little voice in my head (pretty sure it was mine 😉 said “Just run YOUR best.”

These two hours early on a crisp, beautiful Fall morning in the Rockies drove home deeply to me how life is the same way. My performance in life is not contingent on how well or poorly someone else seems to be doing (Facebook = Fakebook?) or how amazing I think I am compared to someone else. What matters is how I am really doing. How close am I to being my best?

So, while I am pleased that I finally broke the 2 hour mark, the truth is that the last 2 miles were a struggle and I realized that I could have trained harder to manage the home stretch better and beat my record by even more.

Guess what? I am already thinking of how I can break 1:50 next time and how I can be a better human being…always!

You with me?

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