USA-Japan Business Development

The name of our firm, BRIDGES, actually comes from our founder’s years of experience living and working in, and a resulting deep love of, Japan. Still fluent in written and spoken Japanese as well as important business practices, we are uniquely positioned as a US-based consulting firm to help facilitate cross-border business between Japan and the US.

Services include-

  • Idea generation
  • Target market analysis
  • On the ground due diligence
  • Relationship development
  • Business negotiation
  • Ongoing management assistance

No matter which side of the Pacific you are on, we help Japanese companies enter the US market and we assist Western companies in cracking the difficult Japanese market. We are open to short and long-term assignments but note that when it comes to Japan a long-term approach is always the way to go. Don’t worry, we’ll go with you!

Contact us via the form below. And if you’re ready to roll now go ahead and schedule a 15-minute complimentary Zoom meeting with us here.