SBA COVID-19 Relief Funding

An essential element of steadily moving down your Path Forward is capital. And when the road gets dark and really bumpy, like it has in the COVID-19 pandemic, you owe it to yourself to seek assistance. Your long-term ability to service your customers and grow the business depends on it.

Thankfully, the US Government has passed more legislation to provide assistance to businesses just like yours to ride out the economic harm you’ve suffered so you can, hopefully, go from surviving to thriving.

While the available funding can be really helpful there is work involved to navigate the complicated requirements and the urgency to get yours while the funding is available.

BRIDGES can help you in two ways:

  1. Eligibility Assessment-These funds are specifically for small businesses (including sole props, contractors, & gig economy workers) but you need to know if applying makes sense for your business. It likely does.
  2. Application Assistance-Once you complete the assessment and decide to apply we can lead the application process for you for a fee. 

Complete the assessment below and let’s talk.

For more details on the process click here.