Business Plans

You simply cannot reach your company’s full potential if you don’t clearly identify what exactly it is you want to do and how you propose to get there. And then-you’ve got this part down!-work like hell to make it a reality.

To start, or accelerate, your journey to greatness, the effort to execute on the potential you know in your gut exists, you MUST have a plan. Contrary to what you may perceive there is no “winging it” in business. NOT if you want to actually make it fly.

You and your idea are better than skimping on proper planning and analysis. And I know you know it! And if you don’t then you really should just quit right now.

We have looked at hundreds of businesses over 20 years and know what it takes to properly analyze the ins and outs of a solid plan. Hiring someone to look at your plan, to stress test it, to shine the harsh light of reality on it, to dress it up for outside investors or funders IS some of the best money you will ever spend. This decision will help you avoid wasted time, motion and mental/emotional energy.

How much is your time and investment actually worth to you? We charge and get paid $200 per hour and we believe we are worth the investment.

Here’s three options to work with us:

Review ($500) We carefully look at your current business plan and point out errors, typos, and identify what you may be missing.

Re-Create ($1,000+) If you already know you need to re-do your Plan, or you learn that through our Review process above, then we walk you through it and make it ready for prime-time. Whether that means for investors, your Board, your partner or just for your peace of mind we work closely with you to ensure that your Plan is aligned with your vision and ready to execute.

Build ($2,500+) We are always ready and excited to talk with you, the entrepreneur, and dive into your awesome idea over the phone or in person, and pull it from your brain/heart and breather life into it so it can be shared with the rest if the world. This is an involved process and you’ll love it. You get to envision the picture and we do the painting!

Regardless of which level of service you choose we are well-positioned to help you raise funding for your company by providing effective insights and strategies and by connecting you to our network of professionals ready to engage with you to meet your needs.  There are clear merits of having the firm upgrading your business plan be the same firm helping you with your capital raise strategy.


Ready? Let’s go! Contact us below or call/text Adam at 415-203-3763 to discuss your needs and our availability.