In 2017 Adam Miles left the soul-sucking environment of big Wall Street firms after nearly 20 years of working as a successful financial advisor serving venture capitalists, corporations, and high net worth individuals. Prior to his career as a financial professional Adam worked for global powerhouse, Honda Motor Co. in both the USA and Japan in various capacities including new model cost control and government relations.

While staying very busy as an advisor, Adam founded Bridges To America, Inc. (the entity behind Refugee Soccer) and enjoys the extreme challenges of building the company’s programs to maximize positive impact on the world one family and one child at a time. This venture, Bridges To Your Best, aims to provide excellence-seeking individuals with the motivation and tools to break through barriers to become their very best self. Now that he has left the “day job” Adam’s primary focus is managing BRIDGES Consulting to ensure his deep expertise, network, and experience are leveraged by clients in need of the professional services his firm tirelessly provides.

Adam has lived numerous years outside the USA on several expatriate assignments, and is fluent in spoken and written Japanese. His home base is Utah but he travels regularly. He has four amazing children, and two great sons-in-law. He became a young grandfather in late 2016 and has three grandchildren already.

He loves running, skiing, mountain biking, and tennis and loves spending time with his children and often includes them in his business ventures. He is a published author and loves to write and speak publicly. Adam loves to say “In Africa, it takes so little to do so much.” It is this view that provides him and his team the most extraordinary and fulfilling return on investment of time, capital, and heart.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Instagram.