What does BRIDGES Stand For?

BRIDGES represents a proven way to live the best life possible. These seven ideas, when implemented with conviction and passion, can lead someone happily living a good life to the extraordinary joys and satisfaction that come only to those leading their best life.

  • Boldness
    • Change (going from better to best) requires hard work. The catalyst that gets us out of our comfort zone and off to work is a bold idea and the passion to make it reality.
  • Resilience
    • Change is a war between your dreams and your comfort zones. Steel yourself for the battles ahead. Stay the course. Rise each time you fall. Resistance is often a sign you are on the right path. “Have a good attitude” seems so cliché but it works.   Rail against (Eradicate) negativity.
  • Independence
    • If you don’t control your destiny, someone or something else will. Modern life can move at a breakneck speed and you can’t afford to put your dreams in the hands of someone else. Make decisions quickly before complacency and mediocrity talk you out of it.   Decide the life you want and then go get it on your terms and timing. No one owes you anything.
  • Discipline
    • Success and failure are determined by how much discipline one can muster to stay true to the bold ideas they are chasing and the conviction that the road they are on will lead to their true destiny.
  • Generosity
    • We get more by giving of ourselves…and it feels better. Legacy. Leave the world and its inhabitants in better condition than you found it.
  • Ethics
    • Find your core values and be true to them, always. Do what you promise, or don’t make the promise. Stay true to yourself and others in the face of opposition, risk, and trials.
  • Strength
    • Stay mentally and physically fit so you can work hard. Physical and Mental ability to push yourself to the next level. Push tirelessly to relentlessly deliver extraordinary results.

“Nothing happens until something moves.”—Einstein