“My time to go?”

These days, I keep hearing people say: “Well, if it’s my time to go, then it’s my time to go.”

This is usually said as “tough guy” commentary on the widespread and understandable range of emotions we humans all seem to be experiencing in 2020, ranging from utter panic to uncomfortable impatience to intense anger at the state of the world today.

Whether this mindset is employed to try and justify one’s unjustifiable opposition to mask mandates or, far more importantly, to muster the courage to march and rally in the streets for racial justice, I have come to two conclusions.

  1. We shouldn’t be confused thinking that the reckless bravado of people throwing their hands up with a live and let die attitude can’t mask the risk to others with whom we share the earth from turning “my time to go” into “your time to go.”
  2. Conversely, if you use this phrase to mean “I am going to fight for what I believe is right, my values, justice, a better world even if that means I may be harmed, or die, then GO! Fight! Create change! But do it with a far kinder and more evolved attitude of live and let live.

This second approach to living deeply resonates with me because I subscribe to the notion that, in all areas of life, it’s healthiest for us to not fixate on things (or people) out of our control and instead focus on managing things within our own sphere of influence. Clearly, I have no ability to control what someone else does, and you don’t either, BUT we can make this our “time to go” and be better humans. Be better examples.

So, when you say “If it’s my time to go, then it’s my time to go,” and substitute the meaning of the word “go” to mean LIVE, instead of die, then YES!, it IS “time to go.” In fact, it’s time, probably high time, to:

Go for it;

Go forth;

Go get ’em;

Go live…

…and be a better human.

“YOU are a one-time phenomenon in the universe—your exact genetic makeup has never occurred nor will it ever be repeated.” 

Robert Greene, Author of Mastery 

I love this truth, and try to remember and live it daily.

Do you know what this means? It means that in the context of “go” meaning “live like it’s your last day,” IT IS ALWAYS “MY TIME TO GO!

Like you, I have just this one shot at life to make the most of my potential and it feels best when I am actively employing my unique set of talents, inclinations, passions, experiences, and lessons from people in my life to be better. To be good, maybe even great. Above all, to try and do MY best each and every day. Because, yes, each new day IS another shot at improvement but, like yours, my days are numbered and someday it will be my time to go.

Meanwhile, is it my time to GO? Hell yes it is!

Is it yours? (Hint: yeah it is!)

Let’s go!