Now you know your WHY. Now…WHAT!

The misery that oppresses you lies not in your profession but in yourself! What man in the world would not find his situation intolerable if he chooses a craft, an art, indeed any form of life, without experiencing an inner calling? Whoever is born with a talent, or to a talent, must surely find in that the most pleasing of occupations! Everything on this earth has its difficult sides! Only some inner drive—pleasure, love—can help us overcome obstacles, prepare a path, and lift us out of the narrow circle in which others tread out their anguished, miserable existences!

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Takeaway: Now that you have found your WHY, your “inner calling,” as Goethe calls it, it’s time to detail your path to EXCELLENCE and prepare for the inevitable resistance that will come. This path is your WHAT, your plan for EXCELLENCE.

Work: Consider the questions below carefully, take a deep breath, really listen deeply-more to your heart and soul, less to your brain, and THEN write your answers.

This should not be rushed through. You get one life. There’s only one you. Investing time into making your life the best it can be is something you will never regret.